North pole / Christmas Hologram Experience

North pole / Christmas Hologram Experience

Hurry! ENDS DEC 31st


What Do You Do?

Go on a journey through the North Pole to visit Santa's workshop. See penguins, and visit a polar bear cave!

Hologram snowflakes go straight through your hand. Go under the ice and see the 25-meter whale. Then visit the elves in Santa's workshop and fly off with Santa in his sleigh!

The animals look and act alive but they are really Holographic projections made of laser light. You try and touch them but your hand goes straight through them!

This new technology got a TIME Magazine award for Best Technology 2023!

The Experience:

Free Gift:

At the end of the show, you get a free cardboard Hologram. This is a new technology that projects a small Hologram style object in a box.