Africa Hologram Experience

Africa Hologram Experience

What Do You Do?

In this holographic adventure you will travel accross africa, visiting the beautiful, yet arid african landscape. This experience is certainly not one to miss!

You can take a swim down the african river, where elephants spray you with water... Make sure you watch out for angry Hippos! See amazing creatures like gorillas and lions up close like never seen before! The animals look and act alive, but they are holograms made of lasers and you can put your hand straight through them.

This Technology Was Voted Best Invention of 2023 by Time Magazine. There Are Limited Spaces, We Only Accept Online Bookings, and They Are Filling up Fast.

The Experience:

  1. Come up close and personal to the largest african predator… The fearsome Lion!
  2. Swim with the Elephants in the river. Watch out for those huge mouthed Hippos!
  3. Gaze with wonder as the Giraffe forage in the green valley.
  4. Feel the verocity of an african storm, but be warned! There may be creatures that lurk in the darkness.
  5. See giant Chameleons at a never seen before scale! Watch out for his giant tongue!
  6. Run fast from the Wildebeest stampede! Can you avoid the Rhino’s pointy horn?
  7. Hear Hyenas cackle with delight as they circle their new found food.. YOU!
  8. Witness a GIANT the Prehistoric looking Shoebill peck down from above, trying to gobble you up for dinner!
  9. Witness a friendly Bullfrog sitting on a lillypad. Nothing could possibly be lurking under the water.. right?
  10. Watch the watchful Meerkats as they scan the landscape for incoming danger.
  11. See the scale of the african continent on a global scale!
  12. Analyse the intriquate details of a Dung beetle, at a GIANT scale!

Free Gift:

At the end of the show, you get a free cardboard Hologram. This is a new technology that projects a small Hologram-style object in a box.