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While we do accommodate walk-in appointments, we highly recommend booking online to ensure availability, as we frequently reach full capacity. This will help prevent any possible disappointment due to unavailability.

What Do You Do Here?

First Choose One Room Experience

Your group of 1-5 people will go into an interactive hologram room where Hologram float right in front of you. They will also interact with you so you could have the opportunity to jump down a realistic Hologram Hole, or even swim with the whales.

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Then Choose One Tunnel Experience

Your group of 1-5 people will walk through 20 meter hologram tunnel where holograms will come out of the screens right in front of you. you will be able to visit wonderful places and see all of the animals.

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Look Out For These New Experiences Coming Soon

Experiences Coming Soon

Tunnel Experiences:

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Room Experiences:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have 3D party rooms where birds and turtles fly around you while you eat birthday cake. We can cater with pizza. We can also put the holograms in “photo mode” and help you with amazing birthday photos so you can remember your fantastic day. Birthday parties will be available in early 2023.

No, absolutely not. Virtual Reality is where you put on big helmets with screens that shine into your eyes. This is different, hologram technology uses lasers to project the animals in the air all around you, as you walk through a large tunnel.

The Hologram Zoo does not have any animals attacking or eating each other, there is no blood or animals in distress.
Many of the scenes have been purposefully designed to be peaceful and awe-inspiring. However, some children may be scared in some scenes such as roaring dinosaurs.
Even going to the dark bottom of the ocean may be quite scary for some, as people have never seen or experienced such an environment before.

Yes, we found that everyone loved Holoverse very much, and we decided to find a new location with even more space so we can make the holograms even bigger and better!

No. Holographic water is projected with laser light, it looks real, but you don’t get wet!

No. Companion card holders and young children are automatically included in any booked session. When you book, just quote the number of other persons who will be attending. Please bring your concession card on the day.

Yes, it is in a shopping centre so there is lots of close parking and toilets, and all of our attractions are entirely wheelchair-friendly.