Group Sessions at Hologram Zoo

What Is a Hologram Zoo?

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Hologram zoo is like a normal zoo, except all the animals are hologram projections made of laser light. It showcases different exotic locations at different times of year. You go through hologram tunnels where an amazing location projects itself all around you. The animals come off the walls and walk, or even fly around in the tunnel with you! you walk past fenced areas with hologram animal in them, you walk under large pieces of glass where animals walk over the top of you. This technology is brand new and TIME Magazine gave it an award for best technology in 2023. Click here for more information about what is presently showing:

Pricing And Group Discounts

Group Discounts Are for Those With Groups of More Then 20 People if on a Week Day.

Or for Groups of More Then 12 People on a Week End or School Holiday.

Or in the Case of NDIS Visitors We Can Have These Ongoing Special Prices With Those From Your Organisation.

Have Lunch in Our Rainforest Restaurant!

Our Menu Consists of Finger Food Like Pizza and Other Things.

*We Have Disposable Plates and Cutlery but Cannot Supply Metal Cutlery. (Think of It Like McDonald’s, There Are No Real Plates Like a Restaurant)*

Special Dietary Requirements:

We Have Vegan Pizza for Dairy Free and Vegetarians, We Also Have Gluten Free Pizza.

"How Holograms Are Made" Show

*No Extra Charge, but Only Applies for Groups of More Then 20*

For larger groups we can add our “how holograms are made” show. This is where one of our people explain about the science behind 3D and holograms. In this show you will discover many interesting new things. We go through some of the history of 3D and then do some quick experiments with red and blue glasses and then move on to how holograms work. People sit together in a group while a staff member gives a talk with interesting examples. It is both educational and fun.

When Can You Visit?

We are normally only opened on weekends and school holidays but for larger groups we can open the center during the week, contact us to arrange.


Groups Will Do the Same Current Content You See on the Main Site, as Well as the Current Upgrade if They Are Doing a Double Session.

For Example:

9th Dec - 31st Dec: North Pole, Plus Dinosaurs (If They Do a Second Session)

1st Jan - 28th Feb : Asia Plus Dinosaurs (If They Do a Second Session)

For NDIS or Mobility Impaired People

It Is a Gentle Activity Where They Walk Very Slowly. They Walk for 2 Minutes Then Have a 1 Minute Rest, and Do This Multiple Times.

The Rest Areas Have Chairs.

Even Though the Animals Are Made Using Laser Technology, They Feel Real and Natural, There Are No Buttons to Press or Controls or Computers, They Just Walk Around Among the Animals and Environments as Though They Were a Real Zoo.

The Center Has No Stairs, It Is Entirely Flat Ground and Is Easily Accessible for People in Wheel Chairs or Walking Frames.

Toilets Are in the Shopping Center and Are About 60 Meters Walk Away.

The Center Is Open on Tuesdays or Fridays During the Week for School Excursions.

To book a session or if you would like to know more please contact us via the details below.


Shop 4/1177 Wynnum Rd, Cannon Hill QLD 4170


(07) 5661 3010

Questions & Answers

It is probably best that the children are older then three or four, but there is no reason why they cant be younger.

Most customers are between 8 – 16.

However we also get a lot of people in there twenties or older.

We also do seniors groups of people aged 65 – 100.

Absolutely not! Virtual Reality involves wearing screens over your eyes, and it’s known to cause motion sickness in over 50% of users. Holograms, on the other hand, represent an entirely distinct technology where objects appear to float in the real world without the associated motion sickness issues commonly seen in Virtual Reality.

50% of the content is repeated from 2022’s dinosaur show, the other 50% is new content. new content includes 10 animals enclosures and 5 sky roof. Additionally, one of the tunnels has been changed to Santa’s workshop.

50% of the content is repeated from 2022’s dinosaur show, the other 50% is new content. new content includes 10 animals enclosures and 5 sky roof.

There is no violence or animals dying, some parts might be scary for very young or sensitive children.

Until Christmas, the Hologram Zoo will exclusively feature the Christmas show. Moving forward, the format will change to showcase one country at a time. Hologram rooms and arcade machines will make their return in 2025, and will be greatly improved.

Many of the scenes have been purposefully designed to be peaceful and awe-inspiring. However, some children may be scared in some scenes.

Yes, we found that everyone loved Holoverse very much, and we decided to find a new location with even more space so we can make the holograms even bigger and better!

No. Holographic water is projected with laser light, it looks real, but you don’t get wet!

No. Companion card holders and young children are automatically included in any booked session. When you book, just quote the number of other persons who will be attending. Please bring your concession card on the day.

Yes, it is in a shopping centre so there is lots of close parking and toilets, and all of our attractions are entirely wheelchair-friendly.

It is a gentle activity where they walk very slowly. they walk for 2 minutes then have a 1 minute rest, and do this multiple times.

The rest areas have chairs.  

Even though the animals are made using laser technology, they feel real and natural, there are no buttons to press or controls or computers, they just walk around among the animals and environments as though they were a real Zoo. The center has no stairs, it is entirely flat ground and is easily accessible for people in wheel chairs or walking frames. toilets are in the shopping center and are about 60 meters walk away.

We Have Vegan Pizza for Dairy Free and Vegetarians, We Also Have Gluten Free Pizza.

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